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We would like to offer you a range of galvanization services. We work with a company professionally approaching the most demanding customer. Behind them is a 12-year experience combined with a passion for galvanization We specialize in the renovation of old automotive components for vintage cars and motorcycles.It should be emphasized that we are working on new equipment and the best galvanic baths.

Our offer includes:

  • wide range of galvanizing services
  • services with the use of modern equipment and the best galvanic baths
  • short order execution time
  • high quality of service based on leading european manufacturers
  • a guarantee for the coatings



Galvanization is the process of covering objects with a layer of metal for protective or decorative purposes.The most commonly chosen methods of galvanizing are:

  • chroming

Chromium is the process of coating galvanic elements with decorative chromium. The intended effect is visual and aesthetic qualities, but also anti-corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. This coating is most commonly used in the renovation of automotive parts.



-steering wheels



-interior and exterior decorative elements

They are also used in bathroom fixtures, electronics and telecommunications.


  • copper plating

Copper is used as a corrosion protection and a backing layer made of steel, brass and zinc. Because of its structure, it guarantees the tightness and continuity of the coating. However, the copper coating, due to its aesthetic qualities, is the final layer of interior fittings.


  • nickel-plating

Nickel plating is next to chrome plating and the second most popular decorative coatings. Due to its thickness, these coatings are very durable and provide excellent corrosion protection base. They strengthen their tightness and resistance to acids and other external factors.


Galvanizing allows to cover objects of various sizes with a thin layer of selected material: copper, nickel or chromium. Copper and nickel protect the material from corrosion, while chromium protects the object from abrasion. Very often this process is performed for decorative purposes, mainly in automotive components.

We provide galvanic services for individual clients, companies, also on the industrial scale of steel elements, non-ferrous metals, ZnAl.

ZnAl is a zinc and alumina alloy, it is the material of this material that was commonly used and made of car and motorcycle accessories.

We guarantee you a high quality metal galvanizing service. We are flexible and open to cooperation. The attractive prices and the very fast deadlines for service delivery are eagerly chosen by many reputable business partners.

We are confident that our work based on experience, commitment and passion will meet your expectations



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